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Regional Leadership Institute Class of 2011

Personal Perspectives

After 29 years in public service, RLI gave me a much deeper understanding of the challenges facing the metro Atlanta region than ever before.

Chief Billy Grogan, RLI Class of 2010
City of Dunwoody Police Department

Little did I know that within a year of attending RLI, I would be elected to the ARC and the Regional Roundtable on Transportation. I have drawn on that training many times and I am continuously in contact with many of my fellow classmates. The friendships and associations that I made that week are extremely helpful as I serve the region.

Mayor Bucky Johnson, RLI Class of 2009
City of Norcross

I found RLI to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The investment of time and resources has been paid back tenfold by what I learned, the strengthening of existing relationships and the new friendships that I made with my classmates. I highly recommend the program.

Nick Masino, RLI Class of 2009
VP, Economic Development & Partnership Gwinnett, Gwinnett Chamber

The Atlanta Regional Commission’s Regional Leadership Institute provides an extremely valuable opportunity to connect with those peers in government, business and the non-profit sector who are fueling the progress of greater Atlanta. The unparalleled program provides subject matter experts on the issues of the day while also focusing on personal leadership development - providing the RLI graduate with a new set of skills, information and friends to positively affect change for our Region.

Brian Leary, RLI Class of 2010
President & CEO, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

RLI brought home to me that until now I have been too much an observer of the broader Atlanta region and not enough of a participant. It gave me a more holistic understanding of the issues and interrelationships facing us at the regional level, which will make me more effective in my work at every level.

Bill Tunnell, Class of 2008
Urban Planner, Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh & Associates

I learned a great deal from the excellent presenters at the Regional Leadership Institute as well as the interaction with my colleagues from the Metro area. The experience was well worth the time and investment. If you are a leader interested in learning how we can all work together for the betterment of the Atlanta area, RLI is the perfect course to learn how you can begin to make a difference.

Bob Weatherford, Class of 2006
Mayor Pro Tem, Acworth City Council

RLI offers a unique opportunity to get to know the region's top leaders in a setting that fosters the creation of lasting relationships. Our personal and professional success often depends upon knowing who to call for advice, information and ideas. RLI is a strong program, and the experience and people have helped me become a more effective leader.

Kevin Green, RLI Class of 2000
Vice President, Environmental Affairs
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

My RLI experience was instrumental in broadening my perspective and gave me vital information about the opportunities and challenges facing our region. I came away with new resources, contacts and friends, and I can say that I truly believe that we can effect change and make a great impact on how we live, work and play.

Kecia A. Cunningham, RLI Class of 2004
Wachovia Bank, Government & Institutional Banking
City of Decatur – Commissioner

RLI opened my eyes to many regional issues that I don't usually think about, and more importantly it shaped my perspective on those issues. Things that I took for granted suddenly moved to the forefront of my thinking.

Gary Ulicny, PhD, RLI Class of 2003
President & CEO, Shepherd Center

RLI was one of the most rewarding experiences I have been involved in during my many years of working for my community and in my region and state. Bringing together such a diverse group of leaders and educating us about issues critical to the success of our region ….education, housing, transportation, water, economic development and other challenges….gave the class a clear “picture of the region” and the opportunities available for to us to get involved and make a difference.

Kit Dunlap, RLI Class of 2004
President, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

My RLI experience gave me a new understanding of the complex interconnections among many major challenges facing our region, and of the importance of looking for solutions as a region, rather than looking only within my local neighborhood and county.

Patricia Pflum, RLI Class of 2003
Executive Director, Communities in Schools of Atlanta

The RLI experience was a wonderful opportunity to interact with other committed representatives of the metro Atlanta region, discuss the common challenges we face and share ideas for solutions. It helped me to see that the issues we face in my county are many of the same issues faced in the entire region. I learned that, in order to effect any major change, we truly need to communicate and work together!

Julia Bernath, RLI Class of 2003
Fulton County Board of Education



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